White Knight Sword
by Iberia/Gladius

White Knight SwordFrom the promo material: "The White Knight Sword (3502-AM) is made by Gladius to Iberia's specifications. It combines Gladius' standards of finish with the tough construction for which Iberia swords are renowned. The blade is fully tempered high carbon spring steel, superbly complemented by a gleaming brass guard and pommel. A leather sheath is included. If you like the look, but are more of a black knight? Check out the Black Knight (only $5.00 more)." As an editorial update, I would note that the price is now closer to a hundred dollars than one hundred and fifty with other vendors you can google ("white knight iberia" -- no one is paying me referrals, find your best price!).

[NOTE BY STEVE:  this sword is tempered with a dull area right at the COP [center of percussion].  Great for bashing around, but not for "real" combat -- whatever that is. Perfect gift for someone moving up from stainless steel wallhangers, but remember, you get what you pay for.  This is a C-- sword.  I would buy it, but not for myself.  Note that I don't get any reimbursement if you buy this sword through my site, so don't feel any need to bookmark this page instead of some other].


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White Knight

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