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  1. Christian Fletcher
    • Well regarded rapiers from Christian Fletcher's site.
    • Well recommended.
  2. Arms and Armor
    • Chris Poor, Craig Johnson -- two guys near the twin cities.
    • Has "garnitures."
    • Brightblades sells some good swords (e.g. CAS Iberia swords).
    • It also has better catalogs for the MRL licensed works than the MRL site (e.g. Highlander, Robert Jordan Wheel of Time, etc.).
  4. Don Fogg Knives
    • Bladesmith making knives and swords.
  5. Del Tin Armi Antiche
    • Sword Maker
  6. Dragon Fist Forge
    • Randal Graham, custom sword smith
  7. Dragonfly Forge
    • Michael Bell.
    • Price range is about $4,500 to $15,000 (depending on steel used).  $50.00 an inch for naked blades.
  8. Jose de Braga
    • art knife and sword maker
  9. Kevin Cashen
    • ABS Master Bladesmith, lecturer, maker of exquisite art swords
  10. Kris Cutlery
    • manufacturer of tough inexpensive "bash around" swords.
    • I own a couple. He sells naked blades as well as swords.
  11. Morgan Valley Forge
    • Howard Clark Custom Knives. Swordmaker.
  12. Salamander Armoury
    • Dr. Jim P. Hrisoulas (JPH), sword maker, reknowned author on damascus steel.
    • Buys siderite (meteoric iron) and forges into swords.
  13. Tinker Blades
    • Performance swords by Michael "Tinker" Pearce.
  14. A Work of Art
    • Del Tin dealer. Also a sword customizer. Customers have found his scabbards to be of truly superb quality.
  15. Christian Fletcher Medieval Military
    • Del Tin dealer. Primarily maker of Historical-style, Fantasy, and SCA-grade armour.
  16. East Coast Martial Arts Supply
  17. Fred Lohman Company
    • Japanese sword parts, supplies, restoration services, etc.  Great catalog.
  18. Nosyuiaido / Cutting Edge Technologies
    • Sellers of custom iaito for non-impact practice, and US$6,000+ martial arts shinken swords.
  19. Seven Stars Trading
    • Antique Arms and Armor from Continental Asia, the Pacific, Islamic and African World, specializing in Imperial Chinese Arms.
  20. Twilights Door
    • Decorative/replica retailer. Also a Del Tin dealer. SFMO Group discount no longer effective nor necessary, as a new pricing structure has taken place effective March 6, 1999.  Out of business.
  21. Tuscany Trading Company
    • Sells authentic Marto ("Highlander" "Wheel of Time" "Xeena") Swords, Martespa, CAS Iberia, etc.
    • Huge site.
  22. Meier Steel
    • Daryl Meier has been providing pattern welded steel to the knives and sword industry for over 30 years.
    • Has very loyal family.  "Grandpa" Meier for those who know him.
  23. Albion Armorers
    • HACA recommended.
  25. Room for more links .


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I should note that in a "real" fight, a short sword and shield are probably going to beat almost any other sword combination, including a rapier or gim. In "open" fighting (i.e. the middle of a gym floor or other formalized dueling area), a naginata will clean house against a katana.  On the other hand, for pure looks, it may be impossible to find anything that compares to the rapier, gim and katana (except for a scottish baskethilt).

swept hilt rapier

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