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Period baskethilt swords are actually lighter than many period rapiers!  As a result, every time you read a story where the hero(ine) wields a rapier against a baskethilted broadsword and worries about the heavier blade snapping the rapier ...

However, on stage weapons, the broadswords are heavier, softer (using a milder steel) and the rapiers are feather light (well, almost).

Stage weapons are built to last for decades -- scores of years -- through the worst abuse known to man.  They are also built to be used in rehearsals over and over again by non-athletes.

Certain martial arts swords are made of alloys -- lighter than "real steel" and graceful -- but never meant for any blade to blade contact.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with buying swords of this type, just as there is nothing wrong with buying "wall hangers" for decoration (if your tastes run to that sort of thing).  In fact, if you participate in stage or enactments, such weapons are far superior to "live" and hardened steel.

Swords are a tool, appropriate to their uses, not independent of their uses.

For great swords for actors and enactment companies:

For a great essay on buying swords for actors and enactment companies:
ring of steel essay

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