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Most of these are available at Del Tin Rapiers (The naked blade is at: ). For comparison, consider the third to last sword above -- the Chinese Gim [review] . For discounted Del Tin rapiers (only $350.00 for the 2178!) try e-bay or google. For the $155.00 White Knight Broad Sword, visit . The final sword is by Tinker, though he is no longer producing those swords.

I'm personally interested in something that is a cross between a cut and thrust "rapier" and a katana.  The problem is that such a blade needs to be light enough to fence with, but strong enough for hard cutting work -- similar to a saber with a hand and a half grip, to be used one and two handed.  Many steels, with grain problems or weaker cross sections (obviously stainless steel 420 and 440a-c, but also D2 tool steel, etc.) can't be used for such an application.

For a good lead-in for the sort of thing I was looking for Heronmar1.gif. For an interesting guard design to go with it, visit .

BTW, there is always the "Arnold" approach to swords.  Lift enough weight and get strong enough so that you can't even feel a three pound blade (they had to add weight to the Conan sword -- an extra four pounds -- just so he could feel the blade) ... works if you are eighteen or superhuman <g>.

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L-6 is a wrought tool steel

  • 65-75 pts C
  • 25-80 pts Mn
  • 60 to 120 pt Cr
  • 125 pts to 200 pts Ni
  • 50 pt Mo
  • 50 pt Si

5160 is a wrought alloy steel

  • 56-64 pt C
  • 75 pt to 100 pt
  • Mn
  • 20 pt to 35 pt Si
  • 70 pt to 90 pt Cr

S-7 is a wrought tool steel


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The ultimate fantasy blade:

ultimate sabre

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