Damascus sources

Rough Draft Site.  From information Posted by grandpa meier on November 25, 1998 at 13:58:29: In Reply to: looking for information on mill forged damascus sources posted by Ethesis on November 25, 1998 at 12:40:58:

Known Sources:

  • Damastee l-Sweden (double stainless steel powder metallurgy process).
  • Devin Tomas - Nevada (double stainless and carbon steels, Hammer welded).
  • Herman Schneider - Germany (double stainless, press welded).
  • Manfred Sachse - Germany (carbon steel, hammer welded).
    • German language web pages only.
  • Edwards Damascus - Alabama (carbon steel, hammer welded).
    • No web page found
  • Tim Zowada - Michigan (carbon steel, hammer welded).
  • Meier Steel - Illinois (carbon steel, hammer welded and rolling mill welded).
  • Sparky

I am going to (slowly) evaluate sources of damascus steel.  Obviously the stainless steels have limited uses, but I'm still curious about the others.  Damascus is no longer a superior alloy (modern metalurgy has seen to that) but it is extremely aesthetic.

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