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You live in a world infused with magic.  The sun in the sky cycles through a rainbow of colors, each of the seven moons in the sky is home to a hero-saint, and magic is real.

The world itself, seen from a distance, looks like a ball of frayed steel wool, floating in seas of mist.  People live on islands that thrust themselves out of the mist, they travel between islands on flying boats, magical pathways and trade routes that do not go too far into the mist.

Deep below, where the light of the seven moons does not reach, in the perpetual dark, are undead, of seven kinds.

There are mysteries of mastery that one can reach after a lifetime of study, or, one can gain access to matrix magic by being initiated to one of the pathways of the seven saints.  In return, the initiate has a duty, a compulsion, to travel and strive against evil for a season.  Many people choose the "easy" path to magical enlightenment, wear the colored magical shirt of their patron saint, and travel for somewhere between eighteen months and two years.

This is your world, this is Mistworld. 


  1. Chaste.......  /.....Lustful
  2. Energetic.... /.....Lazy
  3. Forgiving.... /.....Vengeful
  4. Generous... /.....Selfish
  5. Honest......  /.....Deceitful
  6. Just.........    /.....Arbitrary
  7. Merciful....   /.....Cruel
  8. Modest....... /.....Proud
  9. Pious........   /.....Worldly
  10. Prudent.....  /.....Reckless
  11. Temperate  /.....Indulgent
  12. Reliable....   /.....Feckless
  13. Trusting....  /.....Suspicious
  14. Valorous...  /.....Cowardly


Most mysteries have a language or way, skills within the way, and a mastery (in Superworld terms the way would be a power pool, the skills would be slots and the mastery would be a special effect that applies to the power pool).

A mystery also allows a skill to exceed 100%.

The picture above (used with permission) is a ruined city on a large island in Mistworld that is linked to the City in the Plane (and was once an outpost of that city).

This ruined city is where Indigo and her Wolf entered Mistworld in their search for the last of the Blue Lodge regalia.

Applying Mistworld to Basic Role Playing (BRP, the old game, made new again, from Chaosium):
  • The Mistworld PDF -- this gives you a lot more background, including all of the technical stuff and a description of matrix magic.
  • Generate a character using the BRP rules.  A character may use common magic (the RQ "spirit magic") if obtained during character creation.
  • Characters also have traits.  Each trait has a score between 0 and 20 with the opposing trait having a score that is 20-trait (e.g. if your chaste trait is 12, your lustful trait is 8).  You can assign the traits, or roll them on 3d6.
  • If a character has decided to be initiated into a saint's path, the character will have the Saint's two traits at 19 and one matrix magic spell from each category.  They also have a shirt in the Saint's color that can store magic points equal to the character's POW and that adds 6 to the armor class of the areas covered by the shirt and adds 6 to INT for the purpose of determining how many spells can be memorized.

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