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The Age of Speed

I had put off reading this book, I had other things that seemed more important.  But, as I sat waiting for my daughter to finish her music theory class, with an early nightfall from clouds and rain cutting my walk short, I read the book.

As I came home, my wife looked at me.  "Honey?"  "This book, this book is really good."

It isn't just about speed, it is about living a meaningful life, making time work for you, and finding the time you need in the way you need it, in spite of living in an age of faster, sooner, quicker now.

If you encounter this book in an airport, a library or a bookstore, turn to page 217 and start reading.  By page 225 you will have grasped the book, minus the metaphors, illustrations, examples and applications that bring the focus to life.

Well worth the read.

Link to inside the book The illustration will let you look inside the book, read some, explore some and get a better idea of what it is about.  Available from Amazon.com in paperback or hardback for about twelve dollars (less used).

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