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On Practice

[1A]. Practice needs to be intentional or deliberate, and requires good models and instruction.  I've seen lots of negative practice in martial arts and had to deal with at least one extremely bitter student.  He came to work out with us, made excellent progress and was well received, but he was angry -- especially after a really good work out.  Finally he leveled with me and told me the truth.  He was a senior level black belt from another school.  Over and over again he would realize just how little he knew and just how shortchanged he had been.  That is why he was so angry.

I saw the much same thing in a chess club, where they practiced bad chess.  They had lots of practice, but it was all wasted.  When the students finally got good practice, they were angry.  It is good practice is what makes the difference, over and over again in almost every area of life.


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