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Swords and Swordplay
I can recommend several books very strongly.  For the rest, see below, but for what I recommend, click on the book covers for more information:


Swords and Hilt Weapons
By Peter Connolly, et al.
This is the classic source written by nine experts covering the entire world, with comprehensive coverage of China, Islam, Pre-Conquest America, India ,Africa and WWI and WWII. Extensive coverage of Japanese Swords. Order this book.

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Medieval Swordsmanship
By John Clements
If you want to know what knights in armor really did with their weapons, how a viking used a serpent welded sword or what the real science of swordplay was, this is the book.  He does have some tone issues, but even his detractors see the value in what he writes.  Read the reviews and then order this book.


The Swordman's Companion
By Guy Windsor
IThis is the "other" book in the field.  Newer, balanced, well regarded, a true training manual, less than fifteen dollars through Amazon.com.  Contains significant material spent on drills and explantions.  Read the reviews and then order this book.

Renaissance Swordsmanship
The Illustrated Use of Rapiers and Cut-and-Thrust Swords.
By John Clements
This is the book that the Three Musketeers would have written if they had only found the time. A modern classic. Order this book.


Practice Drills for Japanese Swordsmanship
In my opinion, this is the best place for someone interested in the katana to start. Easy to use and refer to.   Order this book.


The Modern Swordsman
Everything below the blue line is a counterpoint.  This book is one of those "below the blue line" books. Read the reviews and the summaries you can find by clicking on the link and order this through inter-library-loan if you need to make up your mind.  Available used for about nine dollars. Order this book.


Jo Staff

Jo - the Japanese Short Staff
By Tan Zier and Tom Lang
If you want a better understanding of Akido, the sword, or the use of the cane for self-defense, the Jo is an excellent place to start. It is the alternative to the sword. I own a copy.  Order this book.


There are other books that you should consider if you have an interest in the martial arts or swords:  Link to books on consulting.  (This section is still in rough draft form and includes various martial arts and sword recommendations).


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