There are two types of disclaimers/terms of use.

The first has to do with copies, etc. of the material on this site. That is detailed on the FAQ.  Those terms are subject to change without notice.

The second is a typical legal disclaimer, borrowed with permission from a famous web site.

Both are in effect as to this entire web-site and both are contractual, taking effect when you use, read, copy or interact with any part of this web-site.  Note that there is also a binding arbitration agreement.

In addition, at my option, both of these disclaimers/terms of use are subject to referral to binding arbitration before the arbitrator of my choice (depending on the nature and type of the claim and the specific and special needs of each situation).  

Legal Disclaimer (borrowed, with permission, from Aftab & Savitt, P.C.)

Being lawyers, our homepage would not be complete without a legal disclaimer. Accepting the terms of the disclaimer is a condition to visiting our site. To our friends on the Net, we are sorry to condition our site on disclaimers. In a perfect world we wouldn't need this disclaimer, but in a perfect world, you wouldn't need lawyers either.

Our website and the materials contained in the site are copyrighted. That means terrible things can happen to you, including being drawn and quartered, if you copy or alter anything we publish at the site. We give all webbers the permission to copy our legal disclaimers, however, since limiting legal liability on the net is something we all want. Just don't blame us if it doesn't work. Also feel free to link to us.

We intend for this page to provide interesting information to our visitors and function as the equivalent of a seminar attended by lawyers and lay people. No information posted here or materials provided is intended to constitute legal advice. We cannot guarantee that all queries will get a response, and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of posted information, especially as to each individual situation. In addition, we are not responsible for the opinions or comments of visitors to our site, or chat discussions.

Neither the receipt nor the distribution of materials, including the use of private electronic mail, constitutes the formation of an attorney-client relationship. An attorney-client relationship will be formed with Stephen R. Marsh. only upon the execution and delivery of a written retainer agreement and the satisfaction of the conditions contained therein. Materials distributed shall not in any event be deemed confidential or privileged.

No one shall be entitled to claim detrimental reliance on any views or forms or models provided or expressed, or to claim that there is a duty to update answers or materials provided or to use care to protect the interests of the recipient. You should not rely on our statements (or those of any other website) for legal advice, and should always confirm such information with your lawyers, who should be responsible for taking whatever steps are necessary to check all information and personally assuring that the advice they provide is based on accurate and complete information and research from any available sources. Links are provided for your enjoyment and no endorsement should be inferred therefrom. Now with this said, enjoy the site....

Note, I am in a captive law firm and do not take clients, which means that I'm not going to accept a potential client as a client who approaches me directly.

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